What does the Collection Contain?

iPreach contains more than 300 volumes of first-rate biblical scholarship, preaching, and worship resources. Content is organized in the following categories

  • Commentary Series
  • Dictionaries, Handbooks, and One-Volume Commentaries
  • Christian Thought
  • Biblical Reference
  • Teaching Resources
  • Lectionary Commentaries
  • Sermon Annuals
  • Sermon Illustrations
  • Sermon Series
  • Preaching Reference
  • Children's Sermons
  • Lectionary and Worship Resources
  • Devotions and Prayers
  • Bible Translations

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Which publishers' works will be included in the resources?

In our effort to bring you the very best in contemporary, religious scholarship, we are seeking to forge partnerships with top religious and denominational publishers to include their titles in our ever-expanding collection. We currently have agreements with Abingdon Press, Westminster John Knox, Augsburg Fortress, Chalice Press, Trinity Press, Morehouse Publishing, Herald Press, CSS Publishing, leading religious publishers, to include their titles in iPreach. We expect to include titles from up to twenty different publishers.

What is the value of this reference tool?

iPreach currently offers the subscriber outstanding value. As of May of 2006the value is just over $8000!

How much material will be added each year?

With each yearly update in May, the value of iPreach will grow by at least $1000.

What does my subscription include?

Your subscription will entitle you to one year of online access to the resources.

Can my church or organization purchase a multi-user subscription?

Yes, you can purchase a multi-user subscription for your church. This option provides a cost-effective way for multi-staff churches or organizations to give multiple staff members access to this resource. Pricing depends on the number of users, so please call our customer service representatives for details.

Why should I subscribe to iPreach when there are so many other free resources on the Internet?

While it is true that there are a great number of resources available on the Internet for free, the majority of these resources are works that considered public domain material and can be freely distributed. A work is considered public domain and no longer bound by copyright restrictions when it is no longer owned by either an individual or a publishing company, and when it has been in existence for more than 70 years after the death of the author.

The titles included in iPreach are copyrighted works and not available for free elsewhere.

Can I see how the subscription works before I subscribe?

In order to introduce you to this revolutionary new concept, we have made a selection of titles available for demonstration purposes, allowing you to experience how the subscription looks and works. You may search, access, and print materials from these titles at no cost.

To enable you to see the depth and breadth of material available in the subscription, any search that you enter will be applied to the contents of iPreach , and you will be able to view the list of results. You will not, however, be able to access documents from titles other than those designated as free.

15-Day free trial!

I alread own several Abingdon Software titles. Will this material be duplicated?

Most of the material previously published as CD-ROM titles by Abingdon Press will eventually be included in the subscription. However, the proportion of material previously published on CD-ROMs to new material, previously unavailable in electronic format, will decrease each year. In the first year, approximately 50 of the titles included have been previously published in an Abingdon Software CD-ROM title.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscribe to iPreach for the affordable price of $180 per year. You can pay all at once or choose to be billed in monthly installments. However, at this low price, no discounts apply. Thus, for as little as $15 dollars a month, you can have access to this ever-increasing collection of first-rate resources.

If you are interested in purchasing a multi-user license for your church or organization, please contact our customer service at 615-749-6777 department for pricing details.

How do I subscribe?

You may subscribe online at www.cokesbury.com or purchase your subscription through one of Cokesbury's more than 70 nationwide retail store locations or through our customer service department at 615-749-6777.

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