What Does My Subscription Include?

By purchasing iPreach, you will have unlimited online access for one full year to all the commentaries, Bibles, sermons, reference materials, devotion and other resources included in your chosen subscription. Each year new products will be added to increase the value of the collections.

How do I Subscribe?

To subscribe to iPreach, you will need a major credit card or a Cokesbury account. The credit card number or Cokesbury account number you use will become your Registration ID for logging into the subscription in the future. Therefore, it is important that you note which card or account was used for the purchase of your subscription.

Subscribe on the Internet

There are two ways to subscribe online to iPreach

For either of the methods, you must first log into Cokesbury.com.

  1. Go to the page for the subscription to which you wish to subscribe.
    • Click the Subscribe button. The subscription will be added to your shopping cart.
    • Click the Submit Order button and follow the on-screen intructions to complete the order. Since this is an online product, the shipping method can be left on the default selection. Your order will be placed.
  2. You can also use the manual online order form. To use the order form, you will need to know the 6-digit item number of the item you wish to order.
    1. Enter the product number in the order form:
      For iPreach, enter item number 036003
    2. Click the Add to Cart button and then the View button.
    3. To process the order, click on the Submit Order button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Subscribe over the telephone

You may also subscribe by calling 615-749-6777. Billing and shipping information will be gathered by a service representative, and you will receive email confirmation when your account has been established by your customer service representative.

Subscribe at your Cokesbury Store

Your local Cokesbury retail store is another place to purchase a subscription. Your billing and shipping information will be gathered by store personnel, and you will receive an email confirmation when your online account has been established. There may be a slight delay of 3 to 6 working days before online access is authorized when subscribing over the phone or through a Cokesbury retail outlet.

How Do I Access the Subscription?

Once your purchase has been processed, you will have instant access by logging into the subscription. You may log into the subscription through the Cokesbury site, or from the links on this site.

  1. To log in, enter your Member ID.
  2. In the Enter Password field, enter the password you chose when setting up your online member account and click on the Login button.
  3. Enter your credit card number in the Registration ID field. The subscription will then be available for your unlimited use.

What if I decide to Cancel my Subscription?

As with all of its products, Cokesbury guarantees that you will be satisfied with iPreach. If your chosen subscription fails to meet your needs, you may cancel at any time or switch to another resource. The remaining months of your subscription will be credited to your Cokesbury account or credit card, or applied to another subscription purchase that better meets your needs.

To cancel your subscription or or make a switch , simply email customer service at cokes_serv@umpublishing.org, or by clicking on the customer service link on the left-hand sidebar and let us know. We will respond as quickly as possible to your request. Or, you may call 615-749-6777 and talk with one of our support representatives who will assist you.

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